From Erin:

Hey everyone, welcome to our blog. Brem and I have spent a lot of time g-chatting about pop culture and obsessing over bands, tv shows, celebrities, books and movies and this blog is a progression of our obsession and insanity. I have been obsessed with pop culture ever since my mom allowed me to watch Dirty Dancing at a very young and inappropriate age and my obsession has only grown with time. There was a period of time in high school when I referred to celebrities by their first names like we were friends and when I could name you who won the Academy Award and in what year. I am not proud but I am a beast at Trivial Pursuit.  When I am not bossily trying to make everyone listen to the music I think is great or watch a tv show that is under-appreciated I can be found living in rural Japan and molding young minds. I think my pop culture obsession has only been magnified by living in isolation as the only thing I do in the winter besides curse the lack of central heating and plowing of the roads is stream seasons of tv shows and movies, read books, listen to new albums and obsessively read about all things entertainment online.  Brem and I are excited to vomit our ideas all over the internet and we hope you enjoy what we spit out. We’ll be writing blogs telling you what we’re listening to, watching, as well as airing grievances, gossiping about celebrities, making top ten lists and more. Give us a read and if you’re feeling especially generous start following our blog so I don’t have to keep promoting it on my facebook and twitter account. And Brem, I resent your comment about Notre Dame football.

From Brem:

So, most people have a thing.  Maybe yours is Notre Dame football, or spelunking, or building model cars or carving your own shit into intricate sculptures. None of my things are that lame (surprise: I’m judging you!) but my enthusiasm for my things borders on obsessive and definitely falls squarely into the annoying category for most of the people I spew it at (i.e: my husband).  So a targeted audience that is actually interested, and possibly obsessing over the same shit as me? Ah! The BINGO ate your baby! For the most part my thing is music (especially live music, cue SHIT EATING GRIN!), but books, movies and TV can occupy my brain space to the point where there’s not much left, so my hope is some cathartic spewage will clear me out.  And you will like it!!

Erin and I have never lived in the same city (or any less than HOURS apart) but have maintained a friendship that makes obsessive, overly passionate rants seem normal, and even cool. She’s currently living and working in Japan, while I live and work in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. We like g-chat and freaking out.

This is us.


FYI, It’s totally cool to put up pictures from 2005 and pretend that we still look like this, in case you weren’t sure.



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