Girls S2 E8 – I’m Tall and Semi-Dashing

5 Mar

This was a really interesting episode for me because I really, really loved parts of it and I really hated parts of it. I loved everything with Adam, who seems to have turned a corner in the mental health department and is at ease and charming as I’ve ever seen him, I loved most of Shosh’s stuff, and I mostly liked what happened with Marnie’s development.

But I really thought the Hannah parts of the storyline were sort of out of nowhere and uncomfortable and tainted what I thought was an otherwise solid episode. There were lots of characters and stories happening at once – which I much prefer to just following Hannah around upstate NY or in a rich doctor’s brownstone. So let’s get down to it.


I thought this episode showed how much Shosh has grown since we first met her and how much growing she still has to do. She tossed off so many funny lines at the beginning of the episode while walking with Ray and Marnie in the park that I had to pause my viewing and write some of them down. Her concern for Jessa was totally hilarious and I really enjoyed the “I can’t stop thinking about Jessa. Where is she? What is she wearing? Is it linen? What languages is she speaking?” exchange.

Marnie of course rocks Shosh back to reality by explaining that this is what Jessa does and Shosh needs to learn to accept it and move on. Ray also pipes in and tells her not to worry because Jessa’s a “fucking huslter”. This is a true story. Jessa will be fine. But what I really enjoy about this exchange is an example of how Marnie can so clearly see and pinpoint other’s motivations and flaws but cannot do the same for herself. It’s not an uncommon thing for people to do, but I do love how often we see this with Marnie.

"Is she warm enough?"

“Is she warm enough?”

After Marnie gives Shosh the cold, hard truth about Jessa – she gets a dose of harsh truth for herself when Ray and Shosh inform her that Charlie has sold an app to some tech billionaire and now has money, an office in Chelsea and people working for him. Marnie of course flees the scene and Shosh then has another moment where I laughed out loud. “We may never see her again. I do not trust anyone anymore. Seriously, I mean, the fabric of life is….RADITHKA!!!” She spots her old friend on rollerblades and girly exchange ensues.

Of course Shosh has and had a life outside of our Girls and Ray. She is in college and we get a glimpse at the type of people she used to hang out with before she had a boyfriend and was presumed dead by her vintage rollerblade loving friends. She has a chat with Radithka and accepts an invite to her party that night. As Shosh accepted the invite, I had to  wonder what college parties were like in NYC because it’s not like people had huge houses and no neighbors — don’t people just go out or go to clubs with fakes? And now I’m nostalgic for huge house parties with dirty basements in Pittsburgh. Dammit.

And so begins the dissolution of Ray and Shosh. Shosh wants to go to the party and Ray of course, feeling old and creepy about it – says he can’t go. And I agree, it would be creepy for a 33 year old to be at a college party, even if it’s the most awesome and classy college party ever (and it really sort of looked like it was). Ray also chastises Shosh for using air quotes and it seems creepily parental. I hate hearing the condescending “I thought we talked about you doing that” kind of thing. This whole argument showed how the age gap and maturity levels are starting to wear on the couple.

No college party creeping for this guy

No college party creeping for this guy

Of course I agree with Ray that he shouldn’t attend the party, but I also think that Shosh is young and should be going out and dating and seeing her friends. She tells Ray she is going anyway and she does. And she shows up with crazy hair (again) and I love it when she flirts with the hot doorman before going up to the party.

We only briefly see Shosh at the party as she talks about her relationship and bores her friend. It seems like Shosh has outgrown these parties or these people but she isn’t quite ready to stay home and read books in her undies like Ray. As she leaves the party early she runs into the sexy doorman again and ends up making out with him (and possibly more?).

I know I should be like “She’s cheating on Ray!” but mostly I thought “Man, he is sexy. And he has a job. But mostly, he’s sexy.” I loved that she asked him who’d be watching the door while they were mid makeout too. Classic Shosh! Anyway, this doesn’t bode well for our two weirdo lovebirds.


I feel like the less I say about this storyline, the better. I know Hannah’s portion of the episode was small in comparison to Adam or Shosh or Marnie but I was supremely annoyed by it. I am all for shows addressing issues with mental health – particularly shows about people in their 20s because there is no way that people get through this decade without some anxiety, depression, etc. but I really loathe that Dunham choose OCD and that it seemingly came out of nowhere.

OCD hannah

Apparently a phone call from Adam triggers this behavior, but I wonder why now? Hannah seems to have effectively moved on from him and hasn’t shown much remorse or sadness for the relationship ending and we are supposed to believe that suddenly he triggers her long dormant OCD that we have NEVER heard about up until now? Hannah is an embarrassingly open book and I am shocked her OCD tendencies were never discussed until now. I get that most people wouldn’t want to talk about their mental health past, but this development was totally ridic to me.

Hannah counts things obsessively and I had a hard time believing any of it. I did love her odd behavior at the Judy Collins show with her parents, but mostly I felt uncomfortable and felt the story to be unbelievable to what we already knew about Hannah. One thing it does explain is why her parents are how they are with her. BUT – her mom IS kind of a dick of about the whole thing.

I know you're not anorexic. I've seen you in a bathing suit.

I know you’re not anorexic. I’ve seen you in a bathing suit.

Hannah’s story ends in a therapy session where she explains all of her behaviors to the therapist and we get a bit of back story about just how intense her OCD was. She tries to pin the recurrence on Adam but I think it’s the book deal and she talks about that a bit too. Quick beef – does this therapist have night hours? The session seems to be immediately after the Judy Collin’s show but that would mean it was later at night. Are there late night therapists and would their waiting rooms be full of kids and others? In the end Hannah  ends up getting medicine and riding the subway back to her place with her concerned parents.

I understand Hannah is the main character but after watching Shosh, Marnie and Adam this episode – I really wish she wasn’t. Ugh. Wound!


Marnie is obvi on a downward spiral. She’s wearing a hooded long-sleeve shirt and her hair is in pigtails, which wouldn’t signal depression for me– but after seeing Marnie so well put together for the run of this series – I think this might be her version of wearing pajamas out of the house. Marnie has really become sad and sympathetic this season and I enjoy watching her wallow and struggle more than I expected but I’ve also seen her vulnerability and fear beneath her formerly confident shell.

The devastation she feels when she finds out that not only Charlie has moved on from her but is also thriving and super successful is written all over her face. She is so thrown she decides she needs to see it for herself. And Charlie’s office space is what I think of when I hear “cool internet start-up” – full of beautiful, young, hip employees, an open layout, candy jars, etc. Charlie looks amazing and Marnie looks “eh” for Marnie.

He’s created an app that was inspired by her and that must send Marnie into even more of a spiral. Marnie didn’t want Charlie, but now that she sees him as successful and admired and lookin fine she is driven crazy by it. Isn’t it always kind of upsetting when you realize that an ex has done better off without you and that perhaps you inspired them to be better or do better? “Why weren’t they like that when you were with them?” you wonder. Well, that feeling is confirmed here when Marnie sees all of Charlie’s success that came from their split.

Hot mess.
                                                                                                     Hot mess.

Charlie gets lots of money and is sexy and Marnie gets a shitty job at a club full of creepers and a horrible “relationship” with Booth that just ended. And Charlie (who was a legit dick last time we saw him) does get a great dig in at the girl who broke up with him while he was still inside of her. Marnie says “I’m just here for support.” and Charlie’s  “Yeah, from me or for me?” was just about perfect. I tip my hat to you sir. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is sort of the last we see of Charlie. He’s moved on and it’s all good.

I really loved the Marnie and Ray scene when she comes home from her job after you know she was stewing about Charlie being successful post break-up all day. She thought he’d be broken for at least 6 years but he’s moved on and up while she is “dressed like a magician’s assistant” (nice one Ray! high five!). She asks Ray about Shosh but clearly doesn’t want to really know and wants to word vomit her feelings on someone and Ray is there.

I loved her projecting her own sad mess/unhappiness onto Charlie and saying it’s unfair how such messes are so successful and that people who really have their shit together like she does, are flailing around. Obvi, it’s the other way around but Marnie is not the most self aware person. Let’s face it, when we honestly have to think about others faults it isn’t difficult but when we think about ourselves we obviously have blind spots that others see, so I really liked this moment.

This is not a sad mess. This is a sexy younger looking Mark Ruffalo.

This is not a sad mess. This is a sexy younger looking Mark Ruffalo.

Ray calls her out and gives some wise advice. Take your energy and start using it toward something. Turn the potential to the kinetic, be an explorer, not a cartographer. He asks her what she really wants to do and she stalls. And he asks again and she blurts out she wants to sing. After a quick joke he makes her sing on the spot (and she pulls out some nice Norah Jones) and he asks what the fuck is she waiting for.

She isn’t going to be young and hot forever so she needs to start doing this now if it’s what she wants. Sidenote – I had this moment of clarity where someone asked me the exact same question over Christmas and my gut response was “writing”- which  turned into creating this blog.

Also, what’s with all of these 90s and early 2000s references? Aren’t these people only 24? Do they know Duncan Sheik and Norah Jones that well? And maybe Ray has a future calling as a life coach. He gives the best and most reasonable advice of any of the people on this series. I’d totally watch a tv show where Ray became the next Frasier Crane or something.


I’ve saved the best for last. I really thought that Lena Dunham was turning all of the love I had slowly and steadily and unwarily built up for Adam last season into being freaked out and annoyed by him, but this episode has gotten me back on the Adam train in a big way. He was the star of the episode and I feel we’re starting to see the real and best part of Adam. Just like Charlie, he needed to break away from his toxic relationship to start to become his best self.

The episode starts with him in bed looking totally depressed and calling Hannah – not a great way to start. Then he takes a sip of something and gags. I know this is gross but was anyone else worried that Adam took a sip of a jar of jizz on accident? I know that sounds crazy, but Adam is totally the kind of dude who would shoot it into a cup and then leave it by the bed, right?  Just me? Okay, now I feel weird.

Adam sees that things aren’t going well and takes himself to an AA meeting where he offers the most honest and kind of heartbreaking depiction of what he’s been feeling and what happened with Hannah. I love that he said it’s not what he thought love was going to feel like because I am sure that is often the case. And I loved him talking about how he loved to teach her new things and how things started because she just stuck around. Again, I feel like this happens to people a lot but Adam nicely articulated the moment. Oh and he’ll bring cookies next time too — god, I loved him in this moment.

Have fun storming the castle.

Have fun storming the castle.

Adam was looking strangely smoking hot and was noticed by a woman played by Carol Kane who adorably and crazily complimented his height, his honesty and his cuteness. She sets him up on a date with her daughter Natalia and he says he’ll call her.

Man, Carol Kane is the best. As she was talking to Adam all I could think was “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!” and “Humperdink, Humperdink, Humperdink!” — if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I can’t believe we’re friends. I loved her telling Adam he was a very respectable height and that he was cuter than a dimple on a bug’s ass.

Adam goes home and proceeds to pace around the apartment and begins to leave the most deliciously awkward but adorable voice message ever on Natalia’s answering machine. (Who has a land line and answering machine these days?!). I loved the whole Adam calling Natalia thing. Boy, they are making me love Adam again, he seems so nice and fun. “You’ll know me – I’m very tall and semi-dashing.” Even him fucking up at the end and talking about how he’ll be staring at her teeth like a creep was oddly endearing.

Tall and semi-dashing indeed.

Tall and semi-dashing indeed.

Their date goes so great. Natalia walks in and is played by that chick who used to be on Roswell back when the WB existed. She seems super into Adam too and they are both relaxed with each other and get along great. In fact, I love everything about Adam and his date. He seems so relaxed and cool and fun. I’m really happy for him by the end of the episode and hope that things go well with his land line having, private eye decoy, cool lady. This girl is totes way better than Hannah already and Adam comes across as more normal and likeable than ever. Loved it. Loved him.

Winner of the Week – The boys of girls — Adam and Ray. Adam for being adorable, semi-dashing, honest, and cool. And Ray for being a terrific observer and life coach.

Wound of the Week – Hannah, duh!


2 Responses to “Girls S2 E8 – I’m Tall and Semi-Dashing”

  1. Jad0210 March 5, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

    I thoroughly enjoy your recaps! Love love love reading them each week!!! Here are two areas in which I had different reactions:
    1. I screamed SHOSH!, covered my mouth and texted Brem “SHOSH!” immediately when the makeout doorman scene started! I don’t hate that it happened, but I was surprised and felt a bit sad for poor, old Ray.
    2. Spoiled milk was my first thought and now I am wondering if YOU were on the money with what Adam mistakenly sipped.

    • eebeddall March 5, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

      Awww Jules, you’re making me blush! So glad you are reading and enjoying! I wasn’t too shocked about Shosh – it seems like she and Ray are headed for a break-up. She’s only 21 – she needs to sow her wild oats, even though I really like Ray! And Adam – I am sure it was milk, but man, my first thought was definitely NOT milk!

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