14 Feb

Wo-oof. When I agreed to take on this week’s GIRLS recap I was excited. But then this episode happened and BUZZ, YOUR GIRLFRIEND, WOOF! There was so much cringing I was starting to get muscle contractures.  It was a totally weird episode, that follows only Hannah through a 2-day encounter with a rich, handsome doctor after she admits she was sneaking trash into his can. I liked how it started, I like the premise and I bought into how she ended up banging this hot, successful dude, as you can just tell he’s incredibly lonely. I really love “Before Sunrise” type moment-in-time love stories that are allll dialogue (I might have had one personal experience where I met a guy at the beach and we stayed up all night talking on a porch and ended up kissing knee-high in the surf as the sun came up, never to speak to him again and it was  l o v e l y.) and this episode could have been awesome. Only it really wasn’t.


Things I liked about this episode:

  • The friggin beautiful house this man lived in, oh my.
  • When she asks him to beg her to stay (but not like he’s in Toy Story).  I don’t know I just really liked his response, and then hers. (Please don’t leave me, I want you to stay this night and every night, I don’t want you to ever leave my house, I will burn it down if you leave, there’s a good chance I’ll kill myself if you leave, I don’t ever want to be without you – I change my mind, it’s stressful!)
  • Scenes from next week’s episode. Other characters come back! Adam!

Things I didn’t really like about this episode:

  • Nudity – I like that Lena Dunham is comfortable doing sex scenes and being naked and I am honestly somewhat fascinated by the proportions of her body (as Jessa said “Her breasts! They’re teensy!”) but this was just. too. much. There is no reason not to put on a T-shirt when you are going to play ping pong.  I couldn’t even listen to the obnoxious drivel coming out of her mouth during that scene because all I was thinking was “you think you’re so kooky to have written in a naked ping pong scene! and “wow, those proportions!”.  And not to be a dick (said right before a super dick comment), but those see-through shorts were superbly awful, too.  I know I’m just too obsessed with bodies, but geeez.
  • I just couldn’t get over how much Joshua looks and talks like Gob Bluth, my mind kept saying “Hermano!”
  • Ray being a dick, wtf. I want to like him more than I do. Stop making him a dick, please. I do think he’s a good actor though.

Things I hated about this episode

  • Hannah (just one bullet needed here). She will also be running unopposed in this week’s Wound of the Week poll. First, her weird braggy confidence (You’re beautiful – You think so? – Yeah, don’t you? – Yeah, I DO it’s just not always the feedback I’ve been given) and the way she is self-righteously pissed when he just stares at her after her crazy rant.  There was an insecurity and uncertainty that made her somewhat endearing (I am 13 pounds overweight and it has been awful for me my whole life!) and now she is just insufferable.  I hated her being a dick and calling him Josh, her “baring her soul” about wanting to be happy (oh shut, up, you want a brownstone) and the kicker was the line “If anything I’m too smart, and too sensitive, and too not crazy”. Riiiight.



2 Responses to “GIRLS S2 E5”

  1. eebeddall February 14, 2013 at 3:21 am #

    God, I love Before Sunrise and Before Sunset! Probably my favorite straight up romantic movies ever. Did you know they just made Before Midnight and it’s supposed to be amazing? Anyway, I agree that this episode had potential, if only Joshua and Hannah were more like Jesse and Celine. Le sigh. Thanks for recapping Bremball!

  2. Colleen February 14, 2013 at 4:01 am #

    I don’t understand how at the end she seemed to so cooly close the door on this short chapter with this insanely hot nice rich doctor but she couldn’t move past Adam no matter how shittily he treated her. Lets face it the Hannah we know would have waited for him to get home from work hanging on his words “no I don’t want you to leave” (although insincere) all day. I mean that’s what I would have done and I’m a little bit cooler than Hannah I think

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