Best and Worst Concerts, plus Shameless!

23 Jan

Disclaimer: I am a little hesitant to post this, as it may hurt the feelings of one of the most dear people in my life. But I hope upon reading this that instead of feeling betrayed, she will see only how much I love her by this confession.

Well, we should start with the best, right?

Pearl Jam featuring Neil Young (October 1, 2004) – In college I went to a lot of Pearl Jam shows but nothing compares to the show when we were reallly close, in a tiny arena and Neil Young showed up as a surprise guest. Unbelievable. It was during the “Vote for Change” Ten Club (PJ’s fan club, of which I used to be a member) tour, so the venues were really small and personal and fucking sick. Death Cab for Cutie opened and I remember thinking that was a weird band name and Tim Robbins also showed up (I saw him working a voter registration table when I came out of the bathroom, that was unusual). I took this picture and I’m still excited about how awesome it was! Sadly I apparently froze when Neil was there bc I don’t have a pic of that, loser.

Tim and Eddie 2

Live 8 (July 2, 2005) – One of the greatest days I can remember. I remember being drunk by 8 am (we took the train in at 6am), dancing for 14 hours. AND I never needed to pee once, which was a serious feat as everyone either had to decide to pee in a bottle with people holding up a towel around them or take the trek through the huuge throng of people to go to the porta potties and that took a minimum of an hour.  I had so many awesome friends around me, I was drinking Lemonade and Banker’s Club, Brad and I were “talking” and all was right with the world.  Looking back at the lineup, some of it was really terrible, but at the time I couldn’t have cared less. I will now attempt to list them in order from worst to best (I’m obviously looking this list up on wikipedia. Also leaving out the country acts, which I can explain on another day)  from kill me to FUCK YEAH!

Rob Thomas, Black Eyed Peas (they got it started, how original!), Jars of Clay, Linkin Park, Maroon 5 (somehow they ended up on both the best AND worst lists), Sarah McLachlan with Josh Groban (Angel? really? talk about a buzzkill), Bon Jovi (fun, honestly), Destiny’s Child, Def Leppard (Pour some sugar on me was my favorite song to play while pouring beer on my own head. ah, youth.), Alicia Keyes (I don’t actually remember her there. I think I may have passed out for a little bit in the middle, to be honest), Dave Matthews, Will Smith (Switch was the tune and it was actually pretty fun to dance to), Kanye (who’s this new up and comer!?), Jay-Z, and last and most – Stevie Wonder

Seriously, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt as happy and joyful as I felt when Stevie Wonder played Superstitious and I was dancing my ass off with like 30 of my friends, 22 and drunk on the Parkway. Great decision, great day, some awful music but overall experience 10/10.


This picture is totally not from Live 8. But it was the same year and pretty much the exact sentiment.

Robby Grote (November 26, 2012) It started out as pretty much the most awkward show I’ve ever been to and ended up on this list.  I brought my friend, and we walked into a tiny room with about 25 kids – it felt like a youth group meeting. We sat on the floor in the corner and felt like total weirdos for being there, and she was ready to kill me (I don’t blame her).  And then the music started and the walls came down and it was one of the best musical performances I’ve ever seen.  At one point I realized I was holding my breath, covering my mouth with my eyes bugging out and my heart was pounding.  We drove home with the music as loud as it could go singing at the tops of our lungs and it was one of those highs that are rare and magical and the reason I’m addicted to live music. And this kid’s ridiculous pipes.


Bob Dylan (November 11, 2001) Maybe he was really old and sang a few recognizable lyrics to unrecognizable melodies but damn, he’s Bob Dylan. I was in awe. We were really close to him and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I grew up with a serious Dylan lovin’ mom and listened to him since I was born and held him up as a god and BAM! a real person. Right there.  My mouth hung open and I was just so glad that I got to be there. I’m still glad.


When I saw him he didn’t look anything like this, but a young Bob Dylan picture is always a treat, so you’re welcome. Especially you Maggie, your love for young Bob Dylan is the purest.

Honorable mentions: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (Goin’ to California and Tangerine… swoon),  Woodstock 99 (I was 16 and I met a beautiful tall blonde boy and kissed him in an airplane hanger during Moby in the middle of the night and it totally made up for having to pee in a resealable Cheez-it bag in my tent and having nothing to eat for 3 days. I love you Rose!), DMB (during high school, our friend would rent school buses and about 50 of us would take them down to the stadiums to tailgate all day and it was really awesome. How we all got away with that I will never know because we were all very underage and sloppy but it worked like magic!), Tom Petty (robo-tripping. That shit can’t be good for you, but Petty was great), Phish (that’s quite a marketplace), Weezer (the cutest super emo boy standing next to me held my hands and danced and sang every word with me told me he loved my glasses and asked me for my number, but I had a boyfriend so I gave him a fake one.), Chili Peppers (my sister took me to this in 7th grade – my first real concert [unless you count Gloria Estefan when I was 9 {oh my god the parentheses are getting out of control!!}]).


Britney Spears and 98 Degrees (July 2000) I went with my aunt and cousin for my cousin’s 10th birthday (she’s totally an adult now and that will forever be weird) to the E Center (I will always call it that).  We were out on the lawn so we couldn’t even see anything.  It’s cute that we went, yes, but that’s about it. The highlight was when my aunt tried to do the “crane” karate-type move and my cousin swiped her leg out from under her and about 100 people watched her totally bite it in the middle of the lawn. It was cruel and delightful!

Q102 Jingle BallMya, 98 degrees, Pink, Shaggy, and the headliners: Baha Men! (December 2000) I went with a friend in high school, because I never said no to a concert. This was the second time I saw 98 degrees. Yes, two times in my life I sat through sets that included “Invisible Man” and the 1999’s hottest terrible wedding song “I do (cherish you)”.  Also The Baha Men win the award for grossest fucking thing I ever saw in my life. “Who Let the Dogs Out” was on Nickelodeon if I remember correctly, but their performance had a lot of pushups/humping the ground moves and and astonishing amount of shirtless body waves and pelvic thrusts in 40 minutes and it was seriously disturbing. I also got trampled while trying to fix my shoe, literally people stepping on my back and head while I was facedown on the ground- it was as terrifying as it sounds.  And I lost my purse, which let the horror continue after the curtain went down.

Train and Maroon 5  (2011) There is no gentle way to put this. It was the absolute worst. I ended up there because my husband told friends that I was free and would go without asking what concert it was or asking me (I have a track record of saying yes, so I don’t necessarily blame him. But I still do blame him to his face). Before I went I honestly couldn’t name a single song that Train sang, but once the show started I realized that I knew every fucking song. And I hated every fucking song.  And it wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t know it since every lyric was projected on the jumbotron and every single LA Gear and scrunchie wearing 33 year old woman in the E Center sang along at the top of their lungs. Oh, the humanity.  Since I was with my sweet, adorable friend who was actually enjoying this torture, I had to play it cool – there was no sense in whining and covering my ears (or cowering in a corner, rocking and crying, which is closer to what I wanted to do). So I danced, and sang feebly along here and there and slowly died on the inside.  What doesn’t kill us makes us… stronger?

So, that was long as shit. My apologies!

What I’m watching: Shameless. I thought it was going to be a slutty The O.C.-like show, but I was wrong and it’s totally not like any show I’ve ever watched.  I love the characters and the fact that it’s based on a trashy family and it sadly it kinda reminds me of my own trashy northeast Philly family, without the attractiveness or anything being funny.  Everyone’s fucked up and their house is gross and shit is going down in every episode but it doesn’t take anything very seriously.  And there are some incredible scenes  – the first things that come to mind are Joan Cusack’s wedding speech and gross dude Jody singing “Kissed by a Rose” intensely during sex then crying like a baby afterward. MY POWER, MY PLEASURE, MY PAIN!

That song will never be the same to me (which is a good thing, believe it or not).  But don’t say I didn’t warn you, that shit is NSFW.  You can stream both seasons and it’s a good one to watch in a marathon. Plus, there are some pretty hot people in it, too. Apparently there is a UK version, too, which I bet I would like even more because… mmm, accents.


5 Responses to “Best and Worst Concerts, plus Shameless!”

  1. Mandy January 24, 2013 at 12:15 am #

    Memories, memories! Lol! I was not at all of them, but can relate to the excitement of live music. You nailed Brem!

  2. Kristen January 24, 2013 at 12:57 am #

    I loved reading this. I could only dream for a memory as good as yours instead of my blurry yeah that was fun brain

  3. amaya martini? January 24, 2013 at 1:56 am #

    NKOTB, Boys2Men AND 98 DEGREES are coming to philadelphia on june 15……..go for the hat-trick?
    You are a really fun person to be with (always,duh) but especially during live music. ily!

  4. Kelly January 24, 2013 at 3:24 am #

    I love Shameless! I have a mad hot crush on Lip. I know he’s not really attractive, but he’s such a badass and so smart! I love the Gallaghers!

  5. Brem January 24, 2013 at 3:36 am #

    Omg, that concert sounds atrocious! Boyz 2 Men made me hide in the bathroom when i was a kid at the skating rink. Also, I also have a mad hot crush on Lip -I almost put a pic of him in but realized he didn’t look good in any pictures, and people wouldn’t get it. But he’s the shit! Smarts really do it for me!

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